Friday, March 14, 2008

EasySpec in the works

I have started a new project named EasySpec for doing Behavior Driven Development in Java and Groovy. There is plenty of functionality that I want to add soon, but the core of it is available (as a .jar). The project page on GoogleCode can be found at

Our team has been using EasySpec for guiding our behavioral specifications for the last three months. I am hooked. If you want specific examples, leave some feedback here. I should be finishing up the current feature development within the next day or so. Then, I will be finishing some examples to be posted by the end of next week.

Create a Guice Injector Using Multiple Modules

This is a very short note, but I spent too much time on Google looking for this answer and I wanted to provide a concise bit of information about it. It has recently become necessary for us to separate our Guice configuration into multiple Guice modules. We tend to have some dependencies that are project specific and others that typically remain constant from one project to another. I didn't see mention of this in the Guice guide. So, here is the information:

Guice.createInjector() can take a variable number of Modules. So, it is trivial to do this:

Guice.createInjector(myProjectDependencies, myDatabaseDependencies) and so on.

This will really help to prevent duplicating binding logic from one project to the next. We are separating our data-tier module out from project-specific bindings.

Again, all of this is trivial, but since I didn't readily find the answer on Google earlier, I wanted to put it out.

Another interesting note is that it is possible to bind to classes in module A that need bindings from module B while at the same time bind to classes in module B that need bindings from module A. Very slick.