Sunday, November 30, 2008

EasySpec Continuous Integration Server Visible

I have made available a Hudson build for EasySpec. This turned out to be a fun exercise in setting up Hudson to build a GoogleCode project and a Gant project all in one. The Hudson plug-ins for GoogleCode and Gant both helped a great deal.


Hudson and .Net

Hudson has to be the easiest CI server I've ever worked with. And, based on the number of plug-ins and the rate at which plug-ins are being developed, it must have a pretty easy plug-in model. Apparently, the gant plug-in took about an hour to write.

Configuration is very easy as well. I don't believe I've ever had to dig into the actual configuration files for different builds and tasks. The web front-end for configuration is great. I also like the ability to watch the console during a build and all of the build status tracking and archiving. There are MANY more great plug-ins available, many of which would be applicable to .Net projects as well as Java projects.

Although I'm not doing much .Net development right now, if I was, I would probably be tempted to setup a Hudson CI server to see if I liked it better than CC.Net. For those readers that are interested in seeing more about using Hudson with .Net, Redsolo has a pretty comprehensive guide to getting started.

Check it out.