Saturday, October 6, 2007

altnetconf - Random Thoughts on Fishbowl

Some of the sessions are using the fishbowl format. This is a really fun format that lets just about anyone that wants it the opportunity to contribute content to the conversation. However, this did not work very well during the BDD Discussion most likely because code samples were being periodically presented on the projector. This was proof positive that if your turn on a video source, the entire audience will focus on it. In this case, chairs were setup for the fishbowl, but the fishbowl rules were not followed by the audience. Because the group was focused on the screen rather than the chairs and the people in them, the conversation was not controlled.

Either present video or do the fishbowl, but it seems you cannot do both at the same time

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Steven "Doc" List said...

I agree - I noticed the same thing when I buzzed through - the screen draws all attention, and totally detracts from the fishbowl. One or the other, indeed!